Bikini Top, Dália Design, Viewpoint Color

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Colorful Brazilian Bikini Top.  Made in Brasil.  Top can be with strap or without.  Top is adjustable.  Unique Brazilian design and color choice.  

At Brasilliance, we strive to offer the best possible options when it comes to Brazilian bikinis.  We attempt to offer swimwear that provides adjustability for both top and bottom.  This allows the wearer to choose a size that’s based more on a desired coverage level instead of a circumference size.  This adjustability provides our clients with the ability to custom fit our bikinis to their body instead of having to live with what a manufacturer thinks a “Small” or “Medium” should be,… and how that may not be flattering on their particular body. 

We also believe that the Brazilian cut of our bikini bottoms offer a more flattering appearance versus the typical “full-coverage” bikini bottom options on the market.  The “Cheeky” and “Thong” style bikinis we offer in our collections provide a more pleasing aesthetic for most butt shapes and sizes.  The US market has become much more accepting of these style bikinis in recent years.  This is a secret known by Brazilians and other South American countries for decades.